The interior designer bill SB303 for a new interior design construction document stamp will create equality of entry into the marketplace for interior designers and interior design firms. You can read more about this bill below under “Latest News”

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Interior Designers all over Wisconsin have been working hard for us and are making great progress expanding our existing title legislation to become Practice Legislation. Don’t forget just a couple years ago Interior Designers were up for deregulation and fought back to prove our professional affects health and life safety to protect the integrity of our profession. Now, there is a bill officially out for public consideration. The bill promotes economic opportunity for small businesses and women-owned businesses, provides more design options for clients seeking to renovate commercial interiors, supports Registered Interior Designers the opportunity to utilize their nationally accredited design expertise to promote health, welfare and safety in the State of Wisconsin. Please call or email your senators and representative to urge them to support!

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If you have any questions or want to get more involved email Robin Stroebel ​



WI Senate Bill 303

SB Bill 303 under consideration by legislators  NOW would permit interior designers to sign and seal their own drawings for approval!  What does this mean for expansion of our businesses, our capabilities, women –owned businesses and others?  This is an economic and professional freedom bill.  READ THE BILL NOW

Please see this flyer for a quick overview and why it matters.

You can view the hearing from September 10 about SB 303 here.

If you have specific questions you may reach out to
Jodie Thill,
Cindy Glaeden-Knott,
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