Emerging Professionals

Congratulate the 2014 ‘Top 5 Under 5’ Award Recipients! 

We are pleased to announce the 2014 ‘Top 5 Under 5’ Awards recipients!  The Wisconsin Chapter of ASID is proud to recognize the achievements of its exceptional emerging professionals.

This year’s recipients made outstanding contributions to either the Wisconsin Chapter of ASID, their place of employment, or to the advancement of the interior design profession.

This year’s recipients are:

Contributions to the Wisconsin Chapter of ASID

Amy Wenger, Allied ASID

As a Student and Allied Member of the Chapter, Amy’s passion for ASID is infectious.  Amy has been the chairperson on several committees, including the Holiday Party and Annual Meeting.  She also served as the co-chair for the In’spier Event and Holiday Party Committee in 2013.  This dedication made Amy an ideal choice to serve as the incoming Director at Large for the 2015 ASID WI Board.  She brings enthusiasm to every program she participates in and her management and people skills are an asset to the Chapter.

Michelle Mintzlaff, Allied ASID

Michelle consistently demonstrates a willingness to go above and beyond, and brings energy and enthusiasm to any initiative she serves.  This past year, she spearheaded the Volunteer Appreciation Committee and with the help of other great volunteers, hosted a successful event at her home which honored the Chapter’s many volunteers.  Positive and motivated throughout the planning process, Michelle demonstrated the powers of cooperation and delegation as she led the committee.  Reaching out to the Wisconsin Board of Directors, Michelle actively offers to be more involved and her positive attitude will help recruit new members. 

Margaret Nedow, Allied ASID

Bringing her positive attitude and “can do” determination, Margaret has volunteered on not only the Sponsorship Committee, but the Holiday Planning Committee in both 2012 and 2013.  In addition, she has become increasing more involved in several Membership Committees including the Emerging Professionals Committee. Margaret demonstrates great leadership and a willingness to plan events in the best interest of the Chapter.  She champions the ASID cause by promoting upcoming events and recruiting new members. 

Contributions to Nominee’s Business or Employer

Toni Robinson, Allied ASID

As a fast learner and astute student of design, Toni quickly advanced from intern to full time designer at Forrer’s Business Interiors.  A drive to continuously learn and expand her knowledge base has helped Toni become a very competent and creative designer within a short time frame – making her an indispensable team member.  Not only does she strive to improve design processes, increase collaboration, and take advantage of learning opportunities at Forrer, she is positive and upbeat, helping fellow designers with overwhelming workloads.  Working collaboratively with the sales force, Toni provides her customers with the best possible solution through planning to product installation and support.  Toni’s meticulous attention to detail was confirmed as she stepped in for a colleague on maternity leave, guiding her projects to successful and seamless completion.  She truly adds value to not only the Forrer team, but her clients’ projects as well. 

Contributions to the Advancement of the Interior Design Profession

Kelsey Holtz, Allied ASID

Upon joining the ASID WI Sustainability Advocacy Committee, Kelsey was instantly instrumental.  Spearheading the committee’s first event – a region wide recycling program – Kelsey worked with her employer, the Green Design Center, to not only host the event, but also collect the unwanted samples.  Kelsey coordinated all sample drop offs, kept tabs on the weight of product collected, and reached out to local publications, schools, and organizations to generate interest in the event.  Her efforts lead to an overwhelming success – diverting 1000’s of pounds of product from landfills and reaching a wide community audience.  In conjunction with her work at the Green Design Center, Kelsey’s has made it her mission to create GDC Trade Partners across the United States to provide a resource for healthy, sustainable building materials and research for designers everywhere.  She spearheaded the creation of an 8,000 item material price list that aided in the program’s success.  Kelsey has demonstrated a strong commitment to building sustainability awareness and initiatives within the Chapter and industry wide. 

Rising Star Certificate

Gricelda Covarrubias, Allied ASID

Blossoming from a Student Member, Gricelda tackled the development of the Mentorship Program. With the help of the Student Advisory Council Chair, advisors, and committee members, she drafted the mentorship application, guidelines, and commitment statement.  Gricelda stays in touch with the mentee/mentor pairs monthly, checking in on their progress and needs.  She is currently working with the incoming Director at Large and the Student Advisory Council Chair to plan a Mentorship Social to further solidify mentor/mentee relationships.  Gricelda’s efforts help set the Chapter apart through a positive, supportive group she was instrumental in creating within our design community.

Past Top 5 Under 5 Award Recipients