Past Top 5 Under 5 Award Recipients

ASID WI Past Top 5 Under 5 Award Recipients


Katie Edwards  2014 graduate

Katie is an incredibly motivated designer with fantastic work ethic. As a student, she was involved in her ASID Student Chapter and volunteered for the WI Chapter of ASID events, all while juggling an internship at Quorum Architects. She understands the value of involvement and networking, and was active in communicating the value of ASID to underclassmen. Due to her hard work and quality of performance, Quorum Architects hired her full time after graduation.

Kylie Osborne – 2014 graduate

Kylie started her involvement in the WI Chapter of ASID by volunteering in the Sustainability Committee as a student; she has only increased her participation since. She was an instrumental person in the organization of the Re_Purposeful Event because of her active response to volunteering and the ability to set aside personal time to move the event forward. She was able to work with her place of employment to collect over 1,600 pounds of discontinued samples for Re_Purposeful. She is known for keeping her team motivated with her positive spirit and creativity.

Marsha Thrift – 2010 graduate

Marsha was influential in planning the 2015 What’s Next Event. She jumped in at the tasks presented and each outcome was successful. Outside of ASID, she is involved in Habitat ReStore, and can salvage any item when given the task. She is known for her positive attitude and continuous support to her team.

Melissa Smith – 2013 graduate

Melissa has been active on the ASID Career Day Committee for the last (2) years. The first year she helped with Career Day, she juggled both school and her internship at K.R. Schaetz. She is incredibly organized and meticulous in her role on the committee. As a sales representative, she is knowledgeable about her product and is known for her responsiveness when it comes to getting designers in touch with people or information.

Sondra Pace – 2010 graduate

Sondra is active in the WI Chapter of ASID, as both a volunteer and event attendee. She is a Co-Chair of the Emerging Professionals Committee and serves on the Volunteer Appreciation Committee. She is professional, talented, and dedicated to the interior design field. She is highly respected by clients and industry representatives, and extremely valuable to the PDC Midwest executive team and their employee culture. She is NCIDQ certified and a Wisconsin Registered Interior Designer.


Honorable Mention

Amy Wenger, Allied ASID
Waukesha County Technical College – Class of 2013

As a student member of the ASID WI Chapter, Amy was actively involved in the Professional Development Committee and Signature Event.  She was also the President of WCTC’s ASID WI Student Chapter.  She consistently brings enthusiasm and eagerness to every program she participates in.  As a newly minted Allied Member, Amy’s management and people skills will continue to be an asset to the Chapter as she develops her career as an interior designer.  Encourage Amy to apply next year!

Recipients – Contributions to Nominee’s Business or Employer

Allison Klenke, Allied ASID
Mount Mary University– Class of 2012

During her short time with Direct Supply, Allison has demonstrated innovative thinking and a willingness to take on new challenges.  She was highly involved in developing a new color scheme system for a company catalog that allowed both customers and the marketing team to locate furniture options more easily, improving the user experience overall.  In addition, Allison helped improve the company’s training program by providing important feedback on Direct Supply’s new cross-studio training.  She also helped develop an end of the summer networking event for the company’s entire intern team – nearly 80 interns!

Michelle Haglund, Allied ASID
Mount Mary College – Class of 2011

During her 9 months at Creative Business Interiors, Michelle’s positive attitude and passion for design has brought new energy to the design team.  Always willing to lend a hand and put in extra hours when a deadline requires, she has proven to be a strong team player and demonstrates time and again that helping the ‘team effort’ is as important as her own goals.  In addition, Michelle accepts every new responsibility and opportunity with humility and grace, allowing her to develop rapidly as a designer in her short time with the company.

Recipients – Contributions to ASID WI Chapter

Samantha Longshore, Allied ASID
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point – Class of 2010

Serving as the Sustainability Advocate since 2010, Samantha has demonstrated strong commitment to building sustainability awareness and initiatives within the Chapter.  Over the past year, she lead the first Sustainability Advocacy Committee in implementing projects within the Chapter and wider community, including the development of the soon-to-be launched “Sustainability” section of the Chapter website.

Holley Bakich, Allied ASID
Mount Mary College – Class of 2012

As a Student Member and Allied Member, Holley has actively participated in many Chapter events and served on several committees, including the Autumn Emporium and Career Day Planning Committees.  She consistently demonstrates a willingness to go above and beyond, and brings energy and enthusiasm to any initiative she serves. In addition, Holley’s effort to actively recruit new members, through events and committees, has positively promoted the Chapter to students and young professionals alike.

Contributions to the Advancement of the Interior Design Profession

Nicole Villwock, Allied ASID
Waukesha County Technical College – Class of 2010

Serving as the Youthbuild Development Coordinator at the Milwaukee Christian Center over the past year, Nicole has been actively involved in educating youth about the value of the interior design industry by creating tangible connections between design and the construction process, meanwhile inspiring her students to improve their analytical skills and self-confidence.  In addition, over the past three years she has helped develop the Career Day program into a highly thought-provoking and informative event for interior design students throughout the state.


Ariel Steuer, Allied ASID
Mount Mary College – Class of 2007
Contributions to the Chapter
Throughout her nine years in the chapter and as the incoming Director at Large, Ariel has demonstrated high commitment by participating in many events, serving on and co-chairing committees. She actively promotes the ASID Wisconsin Chapter and its mission through her involvement with students, both at the college and secondary education levels.

Danielle Fetzer, Allied ASID
Mount Mary College – Class of 2009
Contributions to the Work Place
Through high initiative, fortitude, demonstrated commitment, Danielle worked her way up from a temporary employee at Creative Business Interiors, where she oversaw the implementation of a web-based facilities management database and training of other young designers on the project, to full-time designer tackling some of the firm’s most difficult clients with grace and willingness to go the ‘extra mile’ whenever necessary.

Jennifer DeYoung Berger, Allied ASID
Mount Mary College – Class of 2008
Contributions to the Work Place
Through her creativity, innovation and strong interpersonal skills, Jennifer has helped transform many office spaces across the 19 states that American Family Insurance does business into more collaborative and productive environments to the benefit of both the staff and their customers. Additionally, she has developed an equipment ‘sharing’ program that recycles used furniture and other items from unused spaces for new projects, rather than purchasing new furnishings.

Sara Meier, Allied ASID
Purdue University – Class of 2009
Contributions to the Profession
Sara has promoted a positive image of the design industry through frequent involvement with elementary school programs in the Milwaukee Public Schools. She assisted in the building of orphanages in Romania during the summer of 2009. Sara has promoted growth from within by sharing her LEED knowledge at seminars with her co-workers and her recent winning entry for a national design competition sponsored by Mannington Carpet.

Veta Traxler, Allied ASID
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point – class of 2009
Contributions to the Chapter
As the co-chair of the Wisconsin Chapter’s Emerging Professionals Committee from 2010 to 2011, Veta made great strides to bridge the disconnect between recent graduates and the Chapter by developing and executing the ‘ASID Wisconsin Graduation Packet’ – an information package detailing the benefits of ASID membership. She actively worked to promote the Chapter to students through various events she organized while serving as the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point ASID Student Chapter Professional Liaison.