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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the donated materials used for?
The Wisconsin Chapter of American Society of Interior Designers (ASID WI) has partnered with The Green Design Center to collect materials for reuse. As designers, we saw discontinued materials in interior design offices, from product representatives, and in design showrooms, with nowhere to go. Often, these materials are getting tossed into the landfill. So we collect them and the Green Design Center accepts the materials, stores them and hosts the event.

Our first year we collected 10,058 pounds of material and in our second year, 28,606 pounds! After collection, we give the materials away for FREE! Our event, Re_Purposeful, invites teachers, non‐profits, artists, crafters, and anyone else who can put these materials to use to come and take the materials. In our first two years we were able to divert 90% of the material from landfills, and will store the remainder for the following year.

When and where does the Re_Purposeful drop‐off take place?
Regular Drop Off Each Friday from 9am‐5pm. Drop‐off starts Friday, April 29th 2016 and ends August 12th

Location: The Green Design Center, 2201 Badger Ct, Waukesha, WI 53188. Contact Kelsey with Questions: 262‐446‐702 or

What materials can we donate?
Those leftover, un‐used or discontinued items in your resource library. If they are current materials, please try to get your product rep to take them. We will take most anything that is discontinued!

Donations can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • carpet samples or carpet tiles
  • fabric samples
  • glass samples*
  • tile samples*
  • stone samples*
  • metal samples
  • wood samples
  • laminate samples

* Take care when packaging glass, tile, stone, and metal samples – a group of volunteers will be moving these around, the less that get broken the better!

Please DO NOT donate: Sweets Catalogs, Code Books, product information – recycle these at your office please. We WILL take carpet books, and boards with materials on them. The people using these items are crafty and they can re‐use binders and rip materials off boards, etc.

What should we donate the materials in?
If you have access to boxes or large bags (for soft items only), that helps us keep everything organized. These items are stored in a working warehouse, so the more organized we can be the better.

As an A&D participant, can I have my donations picked up before the event?
No. Unfortunately, Re_Purposeful does not own its own trucks. Please contact us if this presents a problem.

Can people other than A&D participants donate materials to the RE_Purposeful?
Yes. Manufacturers or representatives who wish to donate materials are welcome to participate in Re_Purposeful!

What are other ways that I can help support this event?
We are always looking for outside help! Please contact Kelsey (listed above) for further information.