What Are We Doing?

Here at ASID Wisconsin, we are working to reinvent the way we operate, making conscious efforts to practice sustainability in our day-to-day processes. Take a look at our Sustainability Advocate Job Description to find out more about the role and our newly-created Did You Consider…? Checklist that describes the best practices we as a chapter are implementing. Stay tuned for information on a recycling/upcycling program for samples and other materials.

“Did you consider…?” Committee Checklist


  1. Find catering that provides local, organic, and/or fair trade food and beverage options.
  2. Hire a compost hauler to take food waste from event.
  3. Ask that catering limit food packaging that becomes waste (particularly important for events with individually-packaged meals)
  4. Buy beverages in bulk –attempt to cut down on container waste.
  5. Prompt members through event marketing to bring reusable food/beverage containers and laptops where applicable. (Social gatherings vs. board meetings)
  6. Consider reusable dinnerware
  7. Ensure that locations for larger events have planned ample recycling/ waste containers that are well marked.


  1. Promote ride-sharing opportunities to events.
    1. Facilitate sharing of this information.
  2. Locate events near public transportation options.
    1. Provide information on these opportunities.


  1. Consider other mediums of information sharing at events rather than paper handouts
    1. Projectors
    2. Website uploads
  2. Limit paper marketing where response will not be weakened.


  1. Find decorations that can hold up to reuse/ serve multiple occasions.
  2. If signage is needed to guide individuals at an event, explore sturdier/ versatile signage that can be customized and reused at ongoing events.

Sustainability Advocate Job Description

The ASID Sustainability Advocate has the primary responsibility of providing a consistent, accurate message on sustainability for the chapter, members, and community. The Sustainability Advocate will create sustainable initiatives that improve both internal chapter workings and external education and opportunities for members.

The Sustainability Advocate will work with existing committees and board members to insert sustainability initiatives into ongoing activities. This will include reducing material waste and limiting carbon emissions from automobile transportation and reducing material waste from meetings, training events, CEU days, galas, etc.

The Sustainability Advocate will provide educational resources for the chapter and its members through events such as CEUs and webinars, as well as through literature such as Green Best Practice guidelines and informational packets on sustainable design strategies that designers can use in their design work as well as educate and market to their clients.

Aligning with ASID National, the Sustainability Advocate will utilize the USGBC as a guiding resource for information on sustainability, promoting the consistent, accurate message.