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Check out SB344 that successfully passed the Senate Committee on Govt Operations, Legal Review, and Consumer Protection in late October using this link

Check out AB320 that successfully passed the Assembly Committee on Regulatory Licensing Reform in early summer using this link.

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In Wisconsin, Assembly Bill 320 and Senate 344 have successfully passed through their respective committees. A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to this grassroots effort. This legislation was introduced as an amendment to the 1996 legislation granting ‘stamp and seal’ rights. These privileges allow an interior designer to submit plans for a commercial, non-structural project permit. 1996 saw the passage of legislation allowing interior designers to voluntarily register as professionals with the state of Wisconsin after completing the necessary requirements including passage of the NICDQ exam.

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What’s Next? What can you do to help?

Now that the legislation has been introduced, your voice is needed to support the effort. Hearings will be scheduled for the Assembly Committee on Regulatory Licensing Reform and for the Senate Committee on Govt Operations, Legal Review, and Consumer Protection. If you don’t already know who your representatives are or your legislative district, you can start here Find Your Legislator. 

The critical part of successfully enacting legislation is to stay in touch with your State Assemblyperson and your State Senator! Invite them to your office or a project in person or virtually. Schedule an in-person or virtual meeting to tell your story or simply write a letter sent via email to explain your support of the legislation.  This is all about telling your story to either the legislator or a staff person who is there to learn and support the legislator.

These very representatives want everyone to know that they are ordinary folks too and they want to hear from you. With ongoing communication, when it is time to ask for their support, they will know your name and face and be familiar with our profession and what it is interior designers do day in and day out.

Do you have questions about Government Advocacy, the wording of the bill, or other steps in the process? You can email with ‘I have a question for the GA Committee’ in the subject line. Also, follow social media postings and email blasts to stay current for the full Government Affairs experience.

Reference Documents & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These reference documents and FAQs were created to provide answers and to clarify the issues surrounding the proposed sign and seal legislation for interior designers in the state of Wisconsin. If you have other questions, please email with ‘Dear Deb and Bill – FAQs’ in the subject line.

ASID National Publications: 

Effects on the Interior Design Profession & Wisconsin

Interior Designers & Their Impact on Public Health:

Signing, Stamping, or Sealing for a Project Permit:

Education, Experience, & NCIDQ

Who Can be a Wisconsin Registered Interior Designer (WRID)

The Interior Design Profession & Prior Legislation

Who to Talk to & How/ Government Affairs Ambassadors

 If you have other questions, please email with ‘Dear Deb and Bill - FAQs’ in the subject line. ​