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Advocacy is using your voice as an interior design professional. Through letters or emails to your legislator, using Phone2Action texts, joining in at meet and greets with legislators to tell your story, talking to allies in the field of interior design, or attending/testifying at hearings, you can make an impact on the law.

In Wisconsin, we are proposing legislation as an amendment to the 1996 legislation that will allow stamp and seal privileges in order to submit plans for a project permit. 1996 saw the passage of legislation to allow for interior designers to voluntarily register as professionals with the state of Wisconsin after completing the necessary requirements including passage of the NICDQ exam.

Please use the resources provided on the website to help interior designers gain the benefits of their knowledge and education to improve the profession of interior design and ultimately make a difference in the lives of all people


What’s Next? What can you do to help?

  • Do you want to be a part of the GA committee? We have an energetic and engaged group and we are looking for more GA ambassadors to be part of the core team 
  • By now everyone should know what district they are in and who their legislators are. If not, that is where you need to start. Go to 
  • Stay in touch with you legislators! Invite them to your office or to a project. Volunteer for their fall election committee. There are plenty of parades to walk in this summer! Get to know them so when it is time to ask for their support, they know your name and face. 
  •  Do you have questions about Government Advocacy, the wording of the bill, the next steps in the process? Ask any GA member and stay tuned for the immersive GA experience planned for this year.


Reference Documents & Frequently Asked Questions

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Who to Talk to & How:

 If you have other questions, please email with ‘Dear Deb and Bill - FAQs’ in the subject line. ​