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What’s Happening Now and Next?

Through the efforts of ASID members throughout Wisconsin, ASID national leadership, ASID Wisconsin chapter advocates, and in concert with IIDA Wisconsin and IIDA and interior design allies, we passed our bill into law with Governor Evers signature as of March 18, 2022!  We have celebrated the historic win, but now what?  When can Wisconsin Registered Interior Designers (WRID) actually sign and seal their own code-compliant, non-structural documents and submit for permitting? Here’s what is happening now and next.

Even though the law became effective once signed by the governor, Wisconsin does not currently have the regulatory structure in place to implement the new law.  That’s where the administrative rules process comes into play – as the first step.  These administrative rules and regulations may include such items as the design and availability of application forms for individual WRIDs and firms, the design of the stamp, etc.

Setting up for the Administrative Rules Process

  1.  On 10.03.22 the governor appointed three interior designers to the Examining Board of Architects, Landscape Architects, Professional Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors, Designers, and Registered Interior Designers.

Interior Designers on the Examining Board:

  • Chairperson: Robin A. Stroebel, ASID, RID, LEED AP ID +C, WELL AP –
  • Vice Chairperson: Melissa Destree, AIA, IIDA -
  • Member: Laura Schade Stroik, IIDA, WRID -

You can contact any of these Board Members. They are public servants! This is also the FIRST time all-woman section of the board.

  1. The governor also appointed two “public” members.
  • Secretary Jennifer Philips
  • Public Member: Corissa D. Uselmann
  1. Now that the interior designers and public members are appointed, the administrative rules process can take up to 18 months to put into place (see flow chart below). Here’s where we are now!

What’s happening in the meantime?

  1. ASID, IIDA, CIDQ, the ASID Wisconsin Governmental Affairs Committee, lobbyists, and other advocates and practitioners convene bi-weekly to prioritize Wisconsin-specific issues including issues that may become part of the administrative rules process.  ASID advocates in North Carolina have offered support, since they passed stamp and seal legislation in 2021 and is farther along in the administrative rules process.
  1. The preparation of training sessions and educational webinars is in the works. The Government Affairs Committee is planning advocacy events for Fall of 2023.  Stay tuned for more information.
  2. Advocacy does not stop!  Through this process, we have learned that we must continue advocating for ourselves and our profession and must stay alert to any bill that threatens our right to practice. Grassroots advocacy is an ongoing process and is an integral part of our chapter. 

What can YOU do as a member?

  1. The Building Safety Journal (BJS) Weekly is a weekly newsletter from the International Code Council that covers the latest news on building safety and construction. It includes updates on time-sensitive industry issues you need to know immediately. Subscribe here:
  1. Sign up for updates on interior design advocacy through the Advocate by Design newsletter. Subscribe here:
  2. The legislators who are currently in office and are running again will likely be re-elected.  Consider donating to their campaign, noting your thanks for their support of the interior design profession, and sending wishes for success in the upcoming election.
  3. By volunteering, voting and staying in touch with legislators and candidates, we can continue to bring awareness to the importance of the interior design profession and help avoid future threats.

Reference Documents & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These reference documents and FAQs were created to provide answers and to clarify the issues surrounding the proposed sign and seal legislation for interior designers in the state of Wisconsin. If you have other questions, please email

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Who to Talk to & How/ Government Affairs Ambassadors

 If you have other questions, please email