Why Should I be a WRID?

Why Become a Wisconsin Registered Interior Designer?


What is Registration?

In 1996, Wisconsin passed a law that creates a title of “registered interior designer”. Only those who have submitted the documents to the State of Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services showing they have the education, experience, and examination (NCIDQ) are granted this designation and can call themselves a “registered interior designer”.

Sometimes these laws also allow these registered interior designers to stamp and seal drawings for permit approval and/or bid on certain state projects.


Why Does Registration Matter?

Registration shows consumers and clients that you have met the standards to call yourself a “registered interior designer”. Consumers can be assured that you have the education, experience and examination necessary to be a professional interior designer.

Additionally, registration laws give consumers a venue for the redress of grievances and complaints.

Registration shows that interior designers are registered design professionals, as are architects or engineers.

To show strength in our profession, and to expand our opportunities, a high number of RIDs show legislators that registration matters to the profession.


Benefits to Professionals

* Awareness – “RID” shows other professionals that you support increasing public awareness of interior design as a profession

* Identification – RID is a registered design professional, which is defined in the International Building Code as “an individual who is registered tor licensed to practice their respective design profession as defined by the statuary requirements of the professional registration law of the state in which the project is being constructed”.

* Permit Submittals for Approval – registration can give the privilege and responsibility of submitting drawings of interiors for permit approval.


Benefits to the Public

* Interior design registration expands the options for consumers for design services in interiors

* The public can identify the qualified interior designers easily and effectively.

* The public is assured that those with the title “registered interior designer” will make informed choices about building codes, suitability of materials, and will create healthy, functional, and engaging spaces for interiors of the built environment.


Apply to Become a WRID

After passing the NCIDQ, go here to get directions and APPLY 

Initial Credential: $107

Renewal: $95

If your WRID expired, you have 5 years to renew without resubmitting paperwork! Renewals are biannual.